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Continuous pouring system

The continuous pouring espresso machine is comprised of the following elements:
  • boiler (one or more according to the machine‚Äôs operating principle)
  • pouring group
  • electric heating element (or gas burner)
  • electric pump (in lever-operated machines this is replaced by a sprung piston)
  • steam and hot water wand
  • pressure gauge
  • temperature control system
  • electrical and electronic components
The continuous pouring espresso machine is above all characterised by its hydraulic circuit: it is the machine type chosen by the best baristas, who are able to "customise" the machine according to the type of blend and grinding fineness preferred by the client. There have been important developments in continuous pouring machines over the years, with new infusion systems, such as the ones used on the Aurelia and Appia machines by Nuova Simonelli, which guarantees a soft infusion, plus ergonomics, which guarantee that the barista is able to work with the maximum comfort.