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Ergonomics can solve many problems.
What is the purpose of ergonomics? To make us feel good. Starting with the solutions of those problems linked to safety, health, comfort and efficiency. Analysing these problems it comes out that the main cause is either a scarce or inadeguate quality of relationship among the user, objects or tasks they have to carry out.


When can a product be considered as ergonomic?

An ergonomic product must be focused on the user, user-friendly in the interaction, safe, reliable and satisfactory in its use. The ergonomic quality is an attribute of the object's use in certain environment.


The ergonomic in espresso coffee machine. Working in total wellness
The espresso coffee machine Aurelia has been the first machine in the whole world to get the certification of its being ergonomic. It means that each part of the machine has been projected bearing in mind the barista's work. What about the result? The operator's safety and wellness.

The display/Visual field.

The physiologic sight position is inclined at 20° downwards in comparison to the horizontal level. The relationship between the visual field and Aurelia is extremely good as all the parts in movement, the buttons and the display are in a position thet perfectly suits the barista visual field.


The intelligent push-button panel.

The chromatic study of the push-button panel is ergonomically correct as it can perfectly combine design and technical functions. The light buttons with intensity adjuster, for example, enable the barista to work even in places where lights are soft and guide him/her to the correct selection of the function to be carried out.


The filter-holder that does not make you feel tired.

The Nuova Simonelli's filter-holder has a soft fastening. It means that fastening and unfastening the filter-holder from the brewing group does require any effort. The filter-holder is inclined (bent) in order to make the hand's position more natural when holding it. The distance between one brewing group and another is equal to 23 cm, a space to work better and more.


Soft fastening and unfastening.

Steam valves are located on the upper side of the machine and barista must raise his arms at 15° in comparison to the optimum position. This means a loading state. Nuova Simonelli espresso machines use lever valves enabling a double movement:

  • move the lever upwards (Push): this way it will be possible to regulate the steam quantity in proportion to the strength of the movement
  • move the lever downwards (Pull): this way one will have the maximum steam power at once. Between the valve's opening and closing, the arm is in a resting position

Steam outlets.

The steam outlets are relevant under the ergonomic profile for temperature, mobility and cleansing aspects. Nuova Simonelli has solved the three aspects with appropriate and suitable solutions:

  • cool touch wands: it is a thermicalproof that remove the burning risk.
  • the particular shape of the outlet, the oulet fixing system to the machine through some joints providing a possible articulation at 360° and the leght of the final straight line enabling the use of bigger jugs increase the oulet mobility
  • steam outlets end with rounded corners. In this way they reduce the scaling deposit and the inox steel represents an extremely long lasting guarantee for the outlets.