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The espresso machine technology

The espresso machine is a tool that serves to prepare espresso coffee and its offshoots (cappuccino, latte, infusions…).
The main function of an espresso machine is to pour water at optimum temperature (between 88° and 96°C according to the coffee blend being used) for correct extraction and at a pressure of 9 bar, so that all of the oils and therefore, the aromas dissolved in the water (which acts as a solvent) finish in the cup. As well as this function, the coffee machine usually also produces steam to heat and foam milk when making cappuccino.

Types of coffee machine


Superautomatic machines

Superautomatic machines are high-tech pieces of equipment that allow coffee, cappuccinos and espresso- or milk-based drinks to be prepared, simply and without the need for the professional skills of the barista. In fact, at the push of a button a superautomatic machine will grind and press the coffee then pour out numerous espresso-based beverages. Unlike traditional machines, superautomatic machines are based on electronics and prepare beverages in shorter amounts of time, silently and without the need for a professional barista. They are above all chosen by coffee bar chains with a high staff turnover, by large hotels for their breakfast and more and restaurants, etc..


Traditional machines

Continuous pouring (Semiautomatic or Volumetric according to whether each group has a manual button or there are several buttons with pre-set doses. In this latter case, the machine will stop automatically when it has poured the programmed amount of coffee).

Lever (water pressure is increased by means of a mechanical piston activated by a lever).


Lever system

This is a system that allows the barista to modulate the pre-infusion time manually at each pouring operation. What this means is that when (s)he lowers the lever, the hot water from the boiler tank enters the group, wetting the coffee panel. The longer the barista holds down the lever, the longer the pre-infusion phase will be. A good professional waits for the first drops to come out of the spout before raising the lever, which means that the water has permeated through the whole coffee panel.


Pod and/or capsule machines

Normally for the non-professional market.