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Guide to machine use

For a machine to maintain its characteristics over time, it needs to be cleaned with care. All steel and chrome-plated parts, including the steam and hot water wands, need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The stainless steel shower heads need to be taken out once a week and cleaned to make sure their holes are perfectly open.
  • CLEANING THE GROUP USING A BLIND FILTER. After removing the normal filter and fitting a blind one (provided), add two spoons of the specific detergent and then place the portafilter in the group and press the pour button. After about 30’’, stop pouring and then repeat this process three times. Finally refit the normal filter and pour a coffee (to be discarded) to remove any detergent residues.
  • CLEANING THE FILTERS AND PORTAFILTERS. Put two spoonfuls of the specific detergent into half a litre of boiling water and soak the filters in this solution for about half an hour. Rinse the filters in plenty of running water. Use a glass stainless steel container for this operation and keep the portafilter handle out of the detergent solution.
  • REGENERATION. To prevent the formation of lime scale deposits inside the boiler tank and heat exchangers, it is important for the softener to be in perfect working order. This means carrying out ionic regeneration operations on a regular basis, and on the set dates.