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prontofrigo-fronttq-new ProntoFrigo is the new fridge with compressor technology that provides outstanding performance. Made of stainless steel, this indispensable fridge has small dimensions but a lot of interior space with a capacity of 7 liters. The display on the front clearly shows the internal temperature and makes programming simple. The top also serves as a convenient work surface. Perfectly adapted for automatic machines, ProntoFrigo creates a complete, reliable and efficient work area.

Stainless Steel Bases

The comfortable bases in stainless steel assure a higher stability of your coffee machine and/or of the grinder and help you to work in an easier and safer way.

Cleaning Products

Pulycaff is a detergent product for espresso coffee machines. Its regular use enables to eliminate coffee wastes in the pouring group, the output electro-valve and in the several water drains. Several types of pulycaff are available for traditional and extra automatic machines. The detergent product is suitable for a correct maintenance of the equipment.
Pulymilk is a detergent product for cappuccino machines and milk holders. Its regular use enables to eliminate the layers of milk proteins inside the espresso machine circuits and Pulymilk is suitable for a correct maintenance of automatic cappuccino machines, milk wands and steel boxes.

Steak grills

Radiating electric plates to heat the base in a faster and easier way. The plates consist of a special cast iron which keeps the food warm for a longer period.
The model P2L has a thermostat to adjust, at different temperatures, the 2 parts of the equipment, thus reducing the power consumption. Bodywork in stainless steel 18/8.
P1L: 1 plate
P2L: 2 plates

Technical data

P1L: dimensions: cm 28x38x44; power supply: W 2x750;
P2L: dimensions cm 28x52x23,8; power supply: W 4x750.