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World of Coffee 2019 Pulse-Jet test. UCC SWISS, DALLMAYR and BEANZ try out their coffee with our Pulse-Jet technology.


pulse tasting

High quality results and consistency are two important factors that coffee roasters request. For this reason, Nuova Simonelli develops highly innovative and efficient coffee machines that become more and more user friendly but at the same time, obtain an excellent result. T3 and Pulse-Jet Technologies guarantee a stable temperature and a unique cupping profile for every type of coffee. Defining the best extraction profile for different coffee blends is easy: simply setting the wanted profile on the display allows the user to personalize the extraction, always ensuring the maximum coffee quality.
The advantages of our Pulse-Jet technology have been tested by three great European coffee roasteries: UCC Coffee Switzerland, Dallmayr (Germany) and Beanz Café (Romania). They will be the honorable guests at the WOC Nuova Simonelli Booth – stand #B34 – and with their coffee, offer and incredible experience.

Thanks to the Pulse-Jet technology, the roaster can define the perfect parameters for their coffee blend. These parameters are passed to the client (bar, coffee shop, restaurant or hotel), and guarantee an optimum result in the coffee cup.
The Pulse-Jet technology of the Aurelia Wave is divided into three phases: pre-infusion, infusion and post-infusion. For each phase, the program allows you to choose the length of time and frequency of the output of water. We can say that this technology is highly customizable but at the same time, extremely simple to use. It guarantees maximum efficiency allowing a constant result throughout the day.

See you in Berlin!