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Pulse Tasting experience in Boston


pulse tasting

Enjoy a great coffee experience and discover the advantages of the Pulse-Jet technology at Specialty Coffee Expo every day at 12pm in our booth#1109, through the 'Pulse Tasting' contest, with the participation of André Eiermann. The striking Pulse-Jet technology will be in the spotlight. During the contest, while tasting the same coffee with two different Pulse-Jet settings, you will be impressed how different tasting profiles can be when the duration and frequency of the water pulses change.

Aurelia WavePulse Pulse-Jet technology involves pre-infusion and pulsed infusion to optimize extraction. By pulsing water onto the coffee powder, the powder expands giving better water percolation. With the Pulse-Jet technology we split the entire extraction in three phases: the pre-infusion, the infusion and the post-infusion (tail). For each of the three phases barista can choose for how much time to send the water and for how long he would like to make the break. Barista can define how long the break should be and when again the water should come.

This innovative technology is extremely simple to use and gives constant results throughout the entire working day. From the display a barista can easily program the duration and frequency of the water pulse. This enables to highlight southern flavours for example fruitness or floral notes and to enhance the entire cup profile. In this way barista can reduce, for example, the bitterness in the aftertaste or increase the body or even give more sweetness to the cup profile. Because this is what coffee lovers like.

The Pulse-Jet technology amazes demanding baristas from all around the world by guaranteeing the best result in every single cup. See you in Boston!