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Prime Minister Gentiloni visiting Simonelli Group "the Ferrari of coffee machines"


water-coffee“"This successful company, which is often referred to me as the 'Ferrari of coffee machines', is an excellence of Italian manufacturing that can be taken as an example for at least three main factors: the ability to continuously innovate, the ability to combine its human resources with the use of high technology and the attention to environmental sustainability matching the global market with the local area." So Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni Silverj addressed the chairman of Simonelli Group, Nando Ottavi, managers and employees at the end of today’s visit to the new company headquarters in Belforte del Chienti.
Nando Ottavi, greeting Prime Minister, Gentiloni on behalf of the entire team, underlined the strong bond of the last 82 years between the company and the area where it was founded (Cessapalombo) and has developed (Tolentino then Belforte del Chienti). "Although our company has been in business for many years, above all abroad, with three offices in the United States of America, Singapore and France, and sales offices in 121 countries, everything starts here in Belforte del Chienti - underlined Ottavi -. Here the company strategies are developed and here we make all our professional coffee machines (over 90% are exported), for both our brands: Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino".
Met at the entrance of the Business Center by Nando Ottavi, the mayor of Belforte, Roberto Paoloni, and the prefect of Macerata, Roberta Preziotti, Prime Minister Gentiloni wanted to visit the establishment immediately. In a short guided tour he could see the high degree of technology and computered production process that puts the company among the most committed to the "Industry 4.0" model, sustainably improving working conditions while increasing productivity and production quality. With particular interest, Prime Minister Gentiloni paused in the laboratories of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, set up together with the University of Camerino. Here the Director Flavio Corradini and the Rector Claudio Pettinari illustrated the activities and presented the researchers who work there.
After the factory, President Gentiloni visited the Simonelli Group Headquarters, inaugurated last October, stopping in the two showrooms where, among others, he could admire the "Aurelia Wave", the latest evolution of the first Nuova Simonelli machine certified for its high level of ergonomics and the "VA388 Black Eagle" by Victoria Arduino, official machine of the World Barista Championships, whose next edition will be in June in Amsterdam.
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