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Coffee Science Certificate. New courses in Italy


water-coffeeThe "Coffee Science Certification” comes back in Italy at Simonelli Group for a new interesting course. Planned on May 10-12 and 14-16, the Coffee Science Certification is part of the "Coffee Education program" organized by Simonelli Academy and aimed at providing coffee professionals with a greater technical foundation of coffee science from 'bean cup'. Whether you're a roaster, importer, quality control technician, product development engineer, or simply a serious coffee connoisseur – this seminar will greatly expand your technical knowledge of coffee. The first two series CSC track are intended to build upon basic scientific principles to explore technical issues in specialty coffee. As such this track will be primarily focused on taste chemistry, flavor development, coffee chemistry, post-harvest processing, green coffee chemistry, storage and overall coffee science.
The seminars are dedicated to any coffee professional hoping to gain a better technical understanding of coffee chemistry and its impact on quality..
Coffee Science Certificate 1 (May 10-12) is aimed at building a strong technical foundation of coffee, exploring introductory coffee science, taste chemistry, and issues related to coffee as a raw product. Modules:

Useful information:
Date: May 10-12, 2018
Registration Fees: visit www.coffeechemistry.org 


Coffee Science Certificate 2 (May 14-16) is aimed at exploring the chemical transformation of coffee during roasting, decaffeination and other post-harvest processing methods from raw to semi-finished product.

Useful information:
Date: May 14-16, 2018
Registration Fees: visit www.coffeechemistry.org

If you're interested in attending please pre-register for this session. Once pre-registered you'll be able to complete your registration. Seats are limited to 15 people, so please register early. Please note the course will be conducted in English only.

The coffee science certificate (CSC) is the industry’s first and training program aimed at fostering a greater technical understanding of coffee science. The program which extends across a wide range of disciplines is focused primarily on the science and chemistry of coffee from “bean to cup”. The CSC program currently encompasses three levels of certification and is intended at providing a strong technical foundation for professionals across every sector of the specialty coffee industry.
CSc - Level 1 is aimed at building a technical foundation of coffee as a raw commodity, exploring coffee science, sensory analysis and issues related to quality.
CSc - Level 2 CSc - Level 2 is aimed at exploring the chemical transformation of coffee during processing from raw bean to finished product.
CSc - Level 3 is aimed at investigating technical issues involving quality, preparation and preservation during the final stages of the supply chain.
The Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) is intended to provide a comprehensive technical foundation of general coffee science, applied chemistry, sensory analysis, quality fundamentals and overall coffee knowledge. The CSC certification can be used to complement existing certifications such as the Q, SCAA, or CDS and serve as the “next step” in furthering your technical knowledge within the specialty coffee industry. Participants completing the CS Certificate program will gain the following, a:
  • comprehensive understanding of taste chemistry and its role in coffee quality
  • solid understanding of issues related to cultivation, production and postharvest processing
  • solid understanding of coffee’s chemical composition and factors related to quality
  • understanding of coffee’s chemical transformation across all stages of production
  • understanding of quality dynamics, preparation and preservation across the entire supply chain