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Water Analysis System. Inlet water analysis for the quality of coffee and milk based drinks


smart-water-technologyWater is a key element for coffee and has a great impact on both beverage quality and machine reliability. Based on a new Nuova Simonelli patent, Aurelia Wave is able to detect essential parameters of inlet water, warning the barista of any variations in pH (alkaline level) and TDS (total dissolved solids). This monitoring system, called Smart Water Technology, allows the barista to more easily address issues associated with poor water quality.
If the water-quality parameters are outside the expected value range, the filtering system will alert the barista on the display control. If necessary, through the Espresso Management System remote control, they can notify the maintenance technician. This may seem only logical, but no coffee machine had ever done it before, despite the water being responsible for 50-70% of reliability issues. This way, the barista can be certain of water quality and can save in machine maintenance.

There are several benefits to the water analysis system: it helps keep the machine running smoothly, extending its life cycle; it reduces the need to change filter cartridges at will; and it ensures a consistent quality of coffee, cappuccino and all other drinks.

Thanks to Smart Water Technology, Aurelia Wave detects basic water parameters and warns when quality changes.  The wave of Aurelia Wave is a pure and simple revolution and the benefits to you are clear and transparent:
  • Protects your machine providing it a longer life.
  • Lowers maintenance and purchase costs of filter cartridges.
  • Guarantees to your customers the constant quality of coffee.