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Nuova Simonelli Asia Pacific hosts PRE-Q course


PRE-QCombining passion and professionalism to service for the world of coffee, in a new training centre. On September 4-6 Nuova Simonelli Asia Pacific Pte Ltd hosts in its building in Singapore a Licensed Pre Q. Pre-Q involves a comprehensive Training in how to set up and conduct cuppings of green and roasted coffee samples to evaluate and score individual lots of coffee against the SCA’s physical and cup standards and criteria for coffee quality. Instruction covers green coffee grading, sensory and olfactory skills training and testing, protocols for flavor and cup profile evaluation and grading triangulation.
To participate to the Pre-Q-grader, requests have come from around the world, but there are still free places. There is time until August 11th to sign up. For info please contact f.tan@nuovasimonelliasiapacific.com
The course is open only to professionals in the world of coffee, such as baristas, roasters and producers, who already have advanced knowledge of the second most traded commodity in the world, after oil. In addition to the excellence of the facilities and teachers, for professionals who participate, the value of Pre-Q is the chance to exchange ideas and experience. Nuova Simonelli Asia Pacific has decided to invest in this too (see the 2017 Educazional program), looking to grow the community and ensure greater quality for its partners and for coffee lovers around the world.