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Coffee Science Certificate. Take advantage of the special offer available until May 6


CoffeeScienceCertificate sign RGBDon't loose this fantastic opportunity! You have time until May 6th to enjoy the special offer to attend at the ‘Coffee Science Certificate’. ‘Coffee Science Certificate’ is the first education program dedicated to all categories of professionals, with a complete overview about all the aspects of the coffee industry.

The course, scheduled from 6th to 8th June at the Nuova Simonelli factory in Belforte del Chienti, is aimed to build a technical base on coffee as a commodity, starting with a focus on chemistry of taste, switching to a explaining the fundamentals of green coffee and sensory analysis, concluding with an overview about green coffee storage.

Registration Fees:

  • $ 795USD / € 752 - before May 6th 2017
  • $ 895USD / € 846 - after May 6th 2017

If you're interested in attending please pre-register for this session. Once pre-registered you'll be able to complete your registration. Seats are limited to 15 people, so please register early. Please note the course will be conducted in English only.