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#LondonCoffeeFestival here we come


LCF NS webAt the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, you can find a lot of people with excited eyes, concentrating and a bit hesitant. Certainly all of them are focused on their own objectives, discovering new coffee to expand the selection they offer, identifying the right equipment for their own locale, or finding solutions to make their own business increasingly sustainable.

Many questions are in play and many opportunities offered at the London Coffee Festival. This year we have decided to ease the tension of buyers, roasters and baristas through a series of contests that may help to relax the mind, and maybe offer the right inspiration to continue to complete their work. We have done this with the help of some London coffee shops, not only those that use the Aurelia II with their coffee. With the different tastes proposed people could find new ideas ".. if I extract my coffee at a lower temperature do I get a different profile ..." or new questions "... if I cannot manage to control the temperature am I ever safe with the consistency of the profile in the cup ...". We plan to find out at stand #G25 - "t3 technology" where each day different coffee shops (200 Degrees, Bell Lane Coffee, Coffee Island, Frank and Earnest, Root&Branch, UCC Coffee, Woof Coffee, etc) will present their coffee with the help of the Aurelia II t3. The same coffee and three extractions at three different temperatures; the result in cup is completely different. An experience from trying to understand the importance of having maximum control over the temperature at extraction.

And if there is the need to deepen the trend for "micro lots" traceability, it is possible ask to Morten Wennersgaard of Nordic Approach who from 3 to 5 pm on the first two days of the London Coffee Festival proposes cupping micro lot coffee from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia. Nordic Approach is an importer that focuses exclusively on sourcing quality traceable green coffee with different taste profiles. Working with and buying from progressive producers, cooperatives and suppliers from East Africa, Colombia, Brazil and Central America.

Time for games, but always on the subject of coffee, in the lunch break from 2 to 3, when Lauro Fioretti, Head of Education at Nuova Simonelli, as well as a member of the Research & Advisory Board of SCA, will challenge any participant in "exploring flavours", a taste quiz of coffee where the challenger must guess four "flavours" in the cup to win one the many small prizes on offer in the competition.