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July 20, 1969-2019: one giant leap for mankind



“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The words of Neil Armstrong as he made his famous first step on the moon.
Technological revolution: it doesn’t allow us to get used to everyday goals. Only 50 years ago, it was impossible to think what would have happened today. Only 50 years ago, Nuova Simonelli launched its first electronic coffee machine, and it was impossible to imagine all the new extraction technologies that coffee chains and shops use now-a-day.



pulse tasting

Among the pages of Allegra's latest World Coffee Portal report, a new trend is emerging that is embracing all continents: the coffee shop market is seeing an increase in consumer participation and the desire for quality coffee anywhere, any time. In fact, consumers integrate the coffee culture into their daily lifestyle. How to maximize the quality of a cup of coffee by quickening the procedure?



pulse tasting

It started last week, the new adventure of Simonelli Youth Academy. Seven young adults started their educational journey to obtain the Coffee Skills Program certificate of SCA. On June 18th we kicked off with sensory and barista foundation, lectured by Lauro Fioretti; June 20th was an interesting day with Vittorio Agosti, Fabbri brand ambassador, where the students had a chance to learn hands-on different coffee-based recipes. The first annual session of Simonelli Youth Academy concluded June 21st with the brewing foundation course instructed by Dario Ciarlantini.

World of Coffee 2019 Pulse-Jet test. UCC SWISS, DALLMAYR and BEANZ try out their coffee with our Pulse-Jet technology.


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High quality results and consistency are two important factors that coffee roasters request. For this reason, Nuova Simonelli develops highly innovative and efficient coffee machines that become more and more user friendly but at the same time, obtain an excellent result. T3 and Pulse-Jet Technologies guarantee a stable temperature and a unique cupping profile for every type of coffee. Defining the best extraction profile for different coffee blends is easy: simply setting the wanted profile on the display allows the user to personalize the extraction, always ensuring the maximum coffee quality.
The advantages of our Pulse-Jet technology have been tested by three great European coffee roasteries: UCC Coffee Switzerland, Dallmayr (Germany) and Beanz Café (Romania). They will be the honorable guests at the WOC Nuova Simonelli Booth – stand #B34 – and with their coffee, offer and incredible experience.

Simonelli Youth Academy 2019. Join the contest and win Coffee Skills Program courses


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Eva is one of the skillful baristas of Ditta Artigianale and qualified fourth at the Italian Championships of Latte Art. Giorgio is working in the coffee shop area of a start-up bakery store. Erik works in a historical and authentic coffee shop, while Niccolò, Jacopo, Giulia and Alessia, constantly train and collaborate with Simonelli Group, and Daniel is on the BWT team. This is the fantastic team of Simonelli Youth Academy 2018. Last year, this group, spent 10 days full immersion overcoming all the exams held by the SCA Coffee Skills Program and as of today, we are very proud of their positions in the world of coffee.

This year, we would like to continue investing on brilliant new talents focusing on the complete educational program and introduce them to the coffee industry as professionals for a successful carrier.

Pulse Tasting experience in Boston


pulse tasting

Enjoy a great coffee experience and discover the advantages of the Pulse-Jet technology at Specialty Coffee Expo every day at 12pm in our booth#1109, through the 'Pulse Tasting' contest, with the participation of André Eiermann. The striking Pulse-Jet technology will be in the spotlight. During the contest, while tasting the same coffee with two different Pulse-Jet settings, you will be impressed how different tasting profiles can be when the duration and frequency of the water pulses change.

AURELIA, 15 years for the first completely ergonomic coffee machine.



Happy birthday Aurelia! The first machine based on precise ergonomic studies designed and produced by Nuova Simonelli is 15 years old. It was 2004 and Nuova Simonelli had set itself the dual objectives of guaranteeing greater protection for the health of baristas, as well as optimum times for extremely efficient service in high-productivity premises. This particularly innovative machine was launched on the market. With its overall design, individual components (group grip, soft filter holder coupling, visual angle, push & pull commands and soft-touch control panel), and its ease of use, has turned out to be a barista’s best friend throughout the entire working day.

How to enhance your cup profile with the Pulse-Jet technology



A coffee machine full of great innovations that guarantee constant results. The innovative Aurelia Wave continues to amaze. The design stands out at first sight, as well as its ergonomic features and above all the integrated technologies. These include Pulse Jet Technology, exclusively patented by Nuova Simonelli. This has immediately won over baristas and coffee chains. Pulse Jet Technology involves pre-infusion and pulsed infusion to optimize extraction. By pulsing water onto the coffee powder, the powder expands giving better water percolation.

Pulse Tasting. Take part!



A tasting game to discover all the advantages of Pulse-Jet technology. At Sigep (hall D3 stand 031), for everyone who wants to understand the full benefits of the Aurelia Wave innovative technology. In the 'Pulse Tasting' contest you taste the same coffee with three different Pulse-Jet settings. With the three different cups it is extremely easy to understand how different tasting profiles can be when the duration and frequency of the water pulses change. An extremely simple way to optimize the result in the cup!

New showroom in Barcelona



Innovative as the city in which it will be officially presented. From the 29th November there will be a new reason to discover the ground-breaking Aurelia Wave: a new showroom will be opened in Barcelona, an extremely modern city, where the focus is on new technologies, sustainability and design. The showroom is in a modern building in Avenida Diagonal 88, where Nuova Simonelli coffee machines are displayed. Moreover, next to the exhibition there is an area for technical training and education about coffee.

The aim that Nuova Simonelli plans to achieve thanks to this showroom is to be even closer to the Spanish market, supporting it with all the services provided to its international customers.

Nov. 12 is the last day to register to Coffee Science Certificate 2



“November 12 is the deadline for enrolling in the second level course of the Coffee Science Certificate The course will be held on November 22-24 at Simonelli Group factory in Italy. Unlike CSC-1 where we focused on coffee as a 'raw product', in CSC-2 we will focus on coffee as a 'semi-finished' product and explore its chemistry.

This new course will focus primarily on the processing stages of coffee, namely the chemistry of coffee roasting, aroma formation, olfaction, decaffeination technology and a more advanced section of organic acids. The course will run a 2.5 days and will include both theoretical and hands-on exercises to convey key fundamentals in this second level track.

Nuova Simonelli looks forward to seeing you at "TriestEspresso Expo"



Trieste, the gateway for importing coffee into Italy, will see the ninth biennial "TriestEspresso Expo" from 25 to 27 October. This is one of the most important B2B events for the espresso coffee industry, dedicated and designed for international operators in the sector. An unmissable appointment which Nuova Simonelli (stand #01), as a leader in the sector of professional espresso and cappuccino machines, will certainly be at.

For the entire exhibition, the Nuova Simonelli space will be open to the curiosity of the thousands of visitors and operators expected from all over the world. It will show the new frontiers of espresso reached with innovative products of its own brand. Today, this authentic Made in Italy Simonelli Group brand is appreciated in 122 countries.

Simonelli Youth Academy, eight young barista will complete the Coffee Skills Program


Simonelli Youth Academy

“The first edition of the Simonelli Youth Academy is about to finish successfully. This program was started by Simonelli Academy in 2018 for young and promising baristas who love coffee and who wish to deepen their skills. Starting form today to October 11 the eight young baristas selected last spring have their third and last (for this year) full-immersion course. This will happen in Simonelli Group classrooms and laboratories in Belforte del Chienti.

Coffee Science Certificate level 2



“The Coffee Science Certification” comes back in Italy at Simonelli Group for the CSC2. Planned on November 22-24, this second CSC track is aimed at exploring the chemical transformation of coffee during roasting, decaffeination and other post-harvest processing methods from raw to semi-finished product.

The Coffee Science Certification program is the first globally recognized program aimed at providing coffee professionals with a greater technical foundation of coffee science from 'bean cup'. Whether you're a roaster, importer, quality control technician, product development engineer, or simply a serious coffee connoisseur – this seminar will greatly expand your technical knowledge of coffee.