Espresso Ideas 2

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           Espresso ideas interviews Cosimo Libardo and Carlo Ciamarra who head Nuova Simonelli’s sales department.
           How they work and how they think about work and life.

p.20    DESIGN
           Bang & Olufsen.
           A short history of the Denmark based company that revolutionizes the hi-fi iwith use of design and materials.
p.35     Venus Century:
           the espresso machine that the Pope received as a gift.

           The display: from televisions, to computers, to mobile phones.
           How the screens we watch every day work.
p.56     Coffee grinders:
           in order to make good coffee you must choose the right grinder. What an expert has to say about it.

p.68    WELLNESS
          Working makes you tired?
          A good massage is beneficial to the body, the mind and to one’s efficiency.

p.74    PRODUCT
           The grinder that delivers the fragrance and aroma of ground coffee on demand.

           Victoria Arduino speaks for itself through images and words in an art book.