Espresso Ideas 3-4

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           World Barista Championship:
           Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia has been named the official espresso machine of the top barista competition in the world.

           Espresso and Formula 1.
           There are several similarities between espresso preparation and getting ready for a Grand Prix event. Especially when it comes to the quest for perfection.
p.24     Working for a successful organization is much like a team sport:
           It’s all about the group and the relationships within it, the synergy between people and their tasks and responsibilities.

p. 30   DESIGN
           The remarkable city of Dubai places visitors in the present and the future, simultaneously.
           Its spectacular buildings are objects of high design.
p.48    “Tell me where you’re sitting and I’ll tell you what you’re doing.”
           The differences between a chair, an armchair and a stool are more than just structural.
           One’s chosen seat in a café or restaurant influences how they spend their time.
p.62    The Adonis
           Beauty meets functionality. Here you’ll discover the design and technology of an icon in the world of professional espresso machines.

          When Ideas Becom Business.
          From the birth of an idea to its fruition. Raadx is the first pen-drive that can transmit and receive data without connecting to a PC.
p. 86   Infusion.
          How is espresso brewed? How does it become espresso? How is it different from other types of coffee? What are the brewing phases?
          Here you’ll find answers to questions on preparing the best coffee.

           The Enneagram Test.
           Find your personality type among the nine profiles defined by this method.
           It may even improve your work and help you feel more comfortable around other people.

p.124    PRODUCT
           The Athena Leva is a cult-classic espresso machine.
            Rare and refined, combining classic and modern elements, it highlights the skill of the barista using it.
p. 134   Espresso’s place in the fine cuisine of Mauro Uliassi, one of the world’s most innovative chefs.
            His advice and recipes encourage one to drink coffee with the eyes, nose and mouth.