Espresso Ideas 5-6

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         Evolution of a masterpiece: the world barista championship - coffee and camaraderie at their best.
p.10   Gianni Cassatini:
         a veteran of espresso coffee in north America, bring curiosity, passion and a positive outlook to his work and his life.

         2009 World Barista Championship report:
          a record -breaking competition that continues to raise the bar for coffee excellence.
p.26   A champion's perspective:
         World Barista Champion Stephen Morrissey share his experience of learning the art of espresso preparation

p.36   DESIGN
         Sailing in style:
         in the freedom of the open ocean, luxury yacht are equipped with more creature comforts than many homes
p.52   The Musica:
         espresso machine design and performance for the uncompromising coffee connoisseur.

         The weight of water:
         a crucial resource that often is taken for granted, water affects all of our senses and many aspects of our lives
p.68   Water and espresso. a complicated marriage
         Water affects many aspects of espresso, from the coffee's taste to the longevitu of brewing equipment

p.78   PRODUCT
         Tempted by talent:
         The new Talento super-automatic espresso machine by Nuova Simonelli gives a masterful performance.It is reliable, quiet, easy and intuitive to use,
          as well as being a compact and offering performance on the highest level.

         The changing face of your marketing strategy:
         social networking websites are helping the coffee industry hone its skills, and market itself effectively along the way

p.104  ECO-FOOD
          Slow food planet:
          a movement that celebrates local food traditions has spread from Italy to the rest of world