ESPRESSO IDEAS by Nuova Simonelli


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Espresso Ideas is a unique magazine that creates curiosity, insights and ideas for those most influential people in the world of espresso coffee.

Created in 2006 by Nuova Simonelli on its 70th anniversary, Espresso Ideas (EI) is an information tool that is especially useful with its high level of the content. At the same time it is a product that is fun to browse through with its distinguished graphics.

This means that EI expresses all the effort that Nuova Simonelli has always dedicated to the dissemination of the culture of espresso around the world, looking to maximize the value that binds the relationship between producers and consumers. In addition to being a spokesperson for the company, its projects and its two brands, "Nuova Simonelli" and "Victoria Arduino", it is a way to disseminate the industry’s culture, technology, innovation and design, to change and discover all aspects of good living and good taste. And of course espresso, a characteristic element of "Made in Italy", is now known all over the world, including through the activities of Italian coffee machine manufacturer s.

In each issue, Espresso Ideas testifies to Nuova Simonelli’s research, innovation and product quality, not merely to recount the projects and the daily work of the corporate team, but to tackle the latest news on design, communication, training, new trends, health and lifestyle, while also dealing with scientific topics related to the world of coffee.

Espresso Ideas appeals to baristas, technicians, roasters, contractors, managers of restaurant chains and hotels, as well as architects, designers and opinion leaders. The publication is bilingual (Italian and English) and is distributed mainly abroad, where Nuova Simonelli has 90% of its customers, especially where the company has a large market shares, such as the USA, Canada, North and Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.




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