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Training Centre

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Welcome to the Nuova Simonelli training centre.

This is where, with the aid of the very latest media technology, we hold our technical courses for baristas and business staff.

Some 220 days of courses are held here every year. This means that practically every day, Nuova Simonelli plays host to companies, technical staff and baristas from all over the world in this facility; people who wish to acquire specific skills in the field of espresso coffee, espresso technology and who want to see how a Nuova Simonelli machine is made.

Every year, 800 course students come away with an official diploma from one of our courses.

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Our courses are held in five languages (Italian, English, French and German) and they satisfy the numerous requirements of our partners.

The Nuova Simonelli training centre is also mobile. In fact, the engineers of our TAS (Technical Assistance Service) are on the road for 150 days a year and organise specially tailored courses directly inside partner companies.