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Introduction to the machine

The courses in this section make it possible to find out about the different technologies and types of espresso machine: the different part types, the way in which they are installed and the way in which to solve the main technical problems.

Do you want to know

  • The types and technologies of espresso machines in existence?
  • The basic operating principles of an espresso machine?
  • The main components and the functions they are called upon to carry out?
  • How to intervene?
  • What you need to know to proceed to the installation of a coffee machine?
  • How to make the initial settings and how to solve the simpler, more recurrent problems?

With these courses, even the inexperienced service engineer will able to start his or her own profession.

Course Target
These are basic courses for beginner service engineers or in other words, they are for people who have not yet had the chance to gain much experience in this field.
The target:
  • Service engineers with little experience
  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
Duration 4 days
Training Centre Nuova Simonelli
Via F.te Moreto
Belforte del Chienti (MC)

These courses are organised at various intervals, according to the requests we receive. All Nuova Simonelli partners who are interested, can contact Nuova Simonelli area manager or send an email to info@nuovasimonelli.it