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Know how all about Espresso Coffee

The courses in this section concern the raw material and espresso preparation. It looks at the history, botanics, physiology, and coffee processing stages, going on to explain the specifics of espresso preparation.

Would you like to know the origins of coffee, its spread through Europe, the places where it is grown, the types of harvest, the processes that coffee undergoes before it is roasted, the roasting systems in existence, the way to prepare an espresso, how to use a coffee machine and how to keep a machine efficient?


Aimed at
These are basic courses that are useful to acquire general skills when it comes to "espresso coffee".
The courses are for:
  • Baristas
  • Operators
  • Espresso connoisseurs
Duration 8 hours
Training Centre Nuova Simonelli
Via F.te Moreto
Belforte del Chienti (MC)

These courses are organised at various intervals, according to the requests we receive. All Nuova Simonelli partners who are interested, can contact the area manager or can email info@nuovasimonelli.it