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Sensory analysis

Knowing how to recognise a good coffee from a mediocre one is the first task of a good barista. How does one rate a cup of coffee? The Sensory Analysis course offers the basics for coffee evaluation: how to recognise the factors affecting quality and distinguish them from those that might spoil it. It is an extremely interesting course that will allow you to acquire useful skills when it comes to interpreting sensory stimuli. Those who wish to can also take an examination for a taster’s licence.

Would you like to know:

- what sensory analysis means and why it is different from tasting?

- how to use your senses as a measuring tool?

- how to taste a cup of coffee?

- the elements of visual assessment?

- what olfactory and retro-olfactory assessments consist of?

- what taste and tactile assessments consist of?

- how to recognise positive aromas?

- how to identify and recognise defects?

- the characteristic notes of an excellent espresso?

- the difference between Arabica and Robusta blends?

- the differences in sensory properties between coffee types of different origin?

- how to create a balanced blend?

- how to prepare excellent espresso?

The Sensory Analysis course offers a valid base for deciphering and assessing a cup of coffee scientifically and therefore, understanding its qualities. Recognising a good coffee means knowing how to choose coffee blends, how to serve a good coffee and ultimately, winning over the customer.

Course Target
These courses offer a useful skills base when it comes to the "espresso".
They are aimed at:
  • Baristas
  • Operators
  • Espresso gourmets
Duration 8 hours
Training Centre Nuova Simonelli
Via F.te Moreto
Belforte del Chienti (MC)

These courses are organised at various intervals, according to the requests we receive. All Nuova Simonelli partners who are interested, can contact the area manager or can email info@nuovasimonelli.it