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Master Barista

The profession of barista is not something that can be improvised on the spot. Figures show that people with the skills needed to offer a quality service are the ones who reap the rewards in the marketplace, while those offering an improvised and therefore, sub-standard service deprive customers of one of the main reasons for which they drink coffee in a bar.
The Master Barista course is aimed at professional baristas who want to know more about the secrets of the trade to increase the overall quality of their service and improve customer satisfaction.

Would you like to know:

- what is behind a pack of coffee?

- where coffee is grown and the processes it undergoes before roasting?

- which roasting systems are available?

- how to recognise a good coffee blend?

- how to choose the right equipment?

- how incorrectly kept equipment can affect the taste of the coffee?

- how and when to clean your machine?

- how to set your machine to optimise results?

- all about machine operation parameters?

- how to prepare the perfect espresso?

- how to use the coffee machine?

- how to keep your machine running efficiently?

The Master Barista course provides a valid base for obtaining the best from your business and for optimising service to your customers.

Course Target
These courses offer a useful skills base when it comes to the "espresso" in general.
They are aimed at:
  • Baristas
  • Operators
  • Espresso gourmets
Duration 8 hours
Training Centre Nuova Simonelli
Via F.te Moreto
Belforte del Chienti (MC)

TThese courses are organised at various intervals, according to the requests we receive. All Nuova Simonelli partners who are interested, can contact the area manager or can email info@nuovasimonelli.it