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Simonelli’s advantages for coffee roasters

The difference lies in having a great partner and a superior product.

The high-level technology, reliability and design of an espresso coffee machine can really make the difference. Major international roasters have chosen Nuova Simonelli to qualify their own product offer, increasing the loyalty of their already consolidated client base and acquiring new customers thanks to top-quality products and high-level design. All of the benefits: a wide range of products to suit all the needs of your customers; maximum satisfaction guaranteed without excessive investment; the security of low maintenance; limitation of technical problems; the guarantee that you can enhance the quality of your blends.

The loyalty of your customers is a value for us

The loyalty of your customers is a value and that is why we work to study and design new systems, applications and products that can enhance coffee blends and at the same time, simplify and enhance the work of the barista.

Services for the roaster

Consultancy The experience and know-how of our technical and sales staff mean that we can identify custom-built solutions according to the specific needs of each customer. Our work has always been customer-oriented to satisfy your expectations in full.
Training We hold sales and marketing courses to show off our products and transmit value to the end customer (end-user).
Financing Services Nuova Simonelli offers a full package of financing offers to guarantee certainty and transparency when it comes to conditions of sale.