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Services for Nuova Simonelli Technicians

  • Coaching: Our post-sales engineers are here to support you and find a solution to the most difficult or important situations for your business. They will also provide useful tips on making your service more efficient.
  • Consulting: the experience and know-how of our technical staff allows us to offer the best answers to your problems rapidly. We are commited to assisting and facilitating your work.
  • Training: Training courses tailored to share all our knowledge and experience and make your customer service as professional as possible.
How we define technical assistance
  • Certified Warranty: The company bears the cost of components and delivery charges at any time product malfunction occurs.
  • Side-by-side Assistance: Continuing support for our partners' technical staff to ensure a top quality service.
  • On-line assistance: A team of engineers is engaged full-time in technical support via phone and / or e-mail.
  • Operative Equipment: Nuova Simonelli provides the best technical tools: repair manuals, tool cases, catalogs with technical specifications.