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The advantages of working with Nuova Simonelli

The advantages of working with Nuova Simonelli
Working with Nuova Simonelli means always having a trusted partner alongside you. Nuova Simonelli has created a dedicated team for service engineers (TAS – Technical Assistance Service) and one which is highly qualified, with the role of providing support and assistance to all of the service engineers in the area.
With us you will feel guided and safeguarded.
A Quality Service
The quality of our technical service is measured in:
Timeliness - prompt response times to calls.
Rapidity - the intervention will be fast, allowing you to resume activities within the shortest time possible.
Reliability - the high degree of professionalism of our technical staff is translated into efficient, problem-solving interventions.
Services for Nuova Simonelli Service Engineers
Consulting - the experience and know-how of our technical staff means that in just a short time, we can provide the best possible answer to your problems. We are committed to assisting you and making your work better.
Training - we hold training courses to divulge all of our knowledge and experience, so that assistance services for end users are increasingly professional.