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The advantages of being a Nuova Simonelli retailer

Growing and achieving important goals, together.

In the current situation in competition terms, market success is increasingly the result of teamwork between the manufacturer (Nuova Simonelli) and the distributing company (Retailer) and the value that they are able to convey to the end customer. It is with an eye to this that Nuova Simonelli has created a rich package of specially developed services for its retailers to which we can add all of the experience and professional know-how gained over its years in the industry. Experience and services that is all available to Nuova Simonelli retailers. A solid network of partnerships with retailers the world over is tangible proof of the dedication that Nuova Simonelli shows to this operator category. Why don’t you become a Nuova Simonelli retailer?
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Together to create value for the end customer

The services made available by Nuova Simonelli allow every retailer to work simply and efficiently. Highly skilled professionals are constantly dealing with customer issues covering every stage of the purchasing process: from pre-sales to after-sales. This attitude to problem solving means it is possible to solve any problem with the utmost efficiency.

Retailer services

Support and Consultancy

The experience and knowhow of our sales, marketing and technical staff is available to support retailers in the critical pre- and after-sales stages as well as to identify custom-built solutions according to the needs of each one. Our work has always been customer-oriented, to meet your expectations in full.

Technical Assistance Support

For Nuova Simonelli, the quality of its service and technical assistance (timeliness, rapidity, professionalism) is an integral part of its offer. A full-time team of engineers is dedicated to providing assistance to our global network of service staff.

Technical Training

We organize regular technical training courses to give beginner and expert service engineers the possibility to offer a highly professional, qualified technical assistance service.

Marketing Training

We hold sales and marketing courses to show off our products and transmit value to the end customer (end user).

Side-by-side Assistance

Every day, our technical staff works alongside service engineers in the area to solve the more difficult problems together.

Financing Services

Nuova Simonelli offers a full package of financing offers to guarantee certainty and transparency when it comes to conditions of sale.

Trade Fair Support

We make all our experience and skills available for the organisation of expos, events and fairs.


12,000 hours per year working alongside our partners to support them in their day-to-day activities.