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Benefits for chains

A host of products and services to simplify and speed up the work of operators in coffee shop chains the world over. Working with Nuova Simonelli means having high-productivity, low-maintenance machines that are extremely simple to use. The Nuova Simonelli "chain programme" means being able to use an assistance service at world level and a whole selection of supports and services for staff training. It is easier and more convenient to achieve services of the highest quality with us.
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Services for chains

Custom-made solutions

the experience and know-how of our technical and sales staff mean that we can identify custom-made solutions according to the specific needs of each customer. Our work has always been customer-oriented, to meet your expectations in full.


we offer training courses in the correct use of our equipment to make it easier for customers in the difficult task of training their own staff.
Financial services Nuova Simonelli offers a full package of financing offers and leasing operations, where certainty and transparency are guaranteed.

Technical support

the staff of our TAS (Technical Assistance Service) will guide your technical staff in getting to know your chosen products, in depth. It will also work with them in drawing up a preventive assistance programme in line with your needs.