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Care for your Wellbeing

Ergonomics: for working in safety and comfort
Aurelia is a peerless machine in many of its technical and style details. Every single part has been designed with the barista’s job in mind, to protect him or her from accidents and guarantee maximum comfort. Therefore, it is no surprise that Aurelia’s ergonomic qualities have been certified by the European Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics. Ergonomics is an interdisciplinary science that studies the relationship between people-machines-the environment. Its meaning comes from the Greek terms: “ergon” or work and “nomos” law and therefore, it can be defined as the science that indicates the group of laws and rules that regulate people’s work, safeguarding their physical and mental health. The aim of this science is to study the optimum conditions that will guarantee individuals a workplace, understood as a combination of people-machine-environment, which can adapt and conform perfectly to the person’s characteristics and needs. Nuova Simonelli focuses its own design research projects with the aim of creating a machine that is able to “set up a system” and therefore, to aid in the wellness of people in their environment where they carry out their work.