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The basic rules of the barista

    The production date The production date must be no less than 7-10 days from consumption
    Blend Make sure that the blend falls within the quality standards
    Package Make sure that the packaging has been stored at an ambient temperature of 15°C
    Package opening The package must be open at least 1h before use.

    Make sure that the cock is properly open and that water is arriving.

    Mains pressure Make sure that the mains pressure is constant and does not exceed 4-5 Bars
    Pump Make sure that when switched on, the pump dispenses a pressure of 9 Bar (+/-1)
    Purification Make sure there is no lime scale build up in the machine circuit

    Replace flat grinders every 400 kg and conical grinders every 800 kg. Check for signs of wear, analysing the temperature and output speed of the grinders.

    Doser Keep the doser clean. Regular doses, each time you use it
    Grinding amount The ground amount needs to be suited to the volume of work for the next 20 minutes

    Regenerate the resins according to square metre consumption of water. Wash the resins regularly and replace them every 3 years or so.

    Salt In a softener that can hold 1 kg salt, this needs to be added for every 12-15 kg coffee used
    Double softeners If there is a centralised softener system as well as the standard softener, bypass one of the two to prevent the build-up of organic substances in the other.
    Soft water In the event of particularly soft water, where hardness is less than 9°F, the use of a softener is not recommended.
    Chlorinated water We recommend using a special filter as well as the water softener.