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T3 technology

T3 technology was developed by Nuova Simonelli taking advantage of scientific research from universities, experience with the World Barista Championship and work with WBC Baristas. T3 technology sets new standards of reference in terms of precision, reliability and performance flexibility.

The T3 technology provides even more advanced performance, because on each group there is three-dimensional temperature control. So reading and operating become very accurate. Coupled with a realtime responsiveness of the machine, is the guarantee of an extraordinary ability to perfectly adapt to the characteristics of each coffee blend.


T3 technology was not developed at random but emerged from the reality of the market in anticipation of existing phenomena which are destined to develop further. In particular bars no longer using a a unique coffee blend, but different mixtures to offer customers drinks with different tastes. Already today there are premises that change their mix of coffee in line with the seasons. While others always offer different tasting coffees, giving the customer a choice. The starting point is an established consideration, to get the best out of each coffee blend you need an ideal service temperature. The era when the coffee machine was calibrated at installation and there was no need to change is over. Now more and more baristas, starting of course with those who tend more towards a quality service with multiple mixtures, follow the example of the WBC world champions who want to influence the coffee by choosing the blends and also the temperatures at which they are served.

aurelia ii reg temp

The T3 system gives three times the opportunity. Temperature for water in the primary boiler, the coffee groups' boiler and the head of each group, can be freely and independently adjusted and distinguished. Execution is easy, with intuitive keyboard commands. The system thus ensures that T3 controls the temperature at the three key points of the machine but not only this, the barista can also change the temperature at will. This is why the T3 technology is considered such a powerful and active system and is the new trend for working with coffee machines. There is maximum flexibility and the illiustrated menu makes setting simple. The result is that temperature can be controlled during the whole process of making coffee because every single part of the circuit is monitored and controlled. That gives the barista the greatest assurance possible over the results.

aurelaiii estrazione

Moreover, the importance of temperature is a type of measurement that is essentially local, the point where it is recorded by the measuring devices. Because of this T3 technology uses three distinct measurements to ensure total control. Not only that, but since the measurement is not passive but active, then the barista can affect the observed data, causing the change with a simple command, including the temperature in the head of the group. This is fundamental to the success of a coffee because if during delivery of an espresso (which usually takes around 25 seconds) the group is not at the proper temperature, it is likely to adversely affect the drink even though the temperature measured upstream in the coffee boiler, was fine. Measurememt and active regulation of temperatures in the three key points of the circuit and independently from each other allows more control and also a broader and more dynamic combination of values for a wider range of coffee profiles.