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Tampering is an important stage in the preparation of a good cup of espresso, since it needs to guarantee the correct resistance to the passage of water.

The tamper is therefore an important tool for the professional barista and it needs to press the coffee powder down in a consistent, even manner.

A tamper has four important characteristics:

  • Balanced weight - a good tamper needs to have a correctly balanced weight with a very low centre of gravity
  • Material - it needs to guarantee the correct robustness and coffee powder should not stick to it
  • Shape and size - the shape and lower diameter of the press need to be in line with the type of filter being used
  • Ergonomic - the handgrip needs to guarantee on one hand, a firm and comfortable grip and on the other, make it easy to press down; the mushroom shape is the most effective.


The tamper created by Nuova Simonelli is dedicated to the best baristas. Like the machines, the tamper has been devised to meet the needs of the professional barista. The excellent balance of weight and the special ergonomic grip that not only is comfortable to hold, it can also be extended using special discs.