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Conical and Flat Grinders

Conical grinders and flat grinders work with distinctive operating principles and they meet different requirements:
Conical grinders are recommended for intensive, uninterrupted use of the coffee grinder. In this case, the grinders limit the problem of coffee overheating, also because they work at lower rotation speeds compared to flat grinders. For this reason and also in terms of the greater purchase costs, they are recommended for bars and premises where coffee consumption at peak times goes over a kilogram.
Flat grinders are recommended in all other cases. The flat grinder category contains a host of different types, according to the types of material in which they are made (steel, ceramic, titanium) according to size (from 45 mm to 100 mm in diameter) and according to the cutting profile.


Grinders are replaced every time they are no longer able to guarantee suitable quality in performance terms. This is especially true when the grinding times tend to increase and/or the coffee powder is no longer evenly ground.

In normal conditions and with selected coffee blends (absence of stones, quartz or other residues inside), conical grinders and flat titanium grinders normally need to be replacedevery 200 kg (if small - 50mm) or every 400 kg if medium-large in size (65 mm and above).