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Boiler tank

Nuova Simonelli has developed specific skills in the design of efficient, particularly reliable boilers with high productivity levels.
  • Safety: our boilers are made in copper, a material that is highly malleable and which, as pressure increases, tends to deform and not to explode, which might happen with stainless steel boilers.
  • Reliability: Nuova Simonelli uses independent heat exchangers for each group. Inside the exchangers, on the next-generation machines, there is a Teflon injector to prevent the formation of scale and resulting deterioration of machine performance.
  • Hygiene: copper is a bacteriostatic material, which means it is inhospitable for the spread of bacteria. The copper we use is free from lead residues and therefore, perfectly in line with ROHS standards.
  • Exclusive characteristics: the Aurelia line has an electronic probe that acts on a control unit, completely isolating the machine if the "conventional" safety systems should not be working correctly.
Boiler tank safety condition research: load conditions
The figure opposite shows the stress states in a boiler, corresponding to the halfway line. The different colours show areas with different tension and displacement states. Nuova Simonelli makes boilers without critical points in terms of water tightness over time.