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Planning together

Nuova Simonelli offers you the opportunity to participate in designing new machines. We believe that your experience and ideas gained in your daily work as a barista constitute an important resource which can produce ideas and solutions for even more efficient product design that is closer to the needs of baristas. Join the design team. Just subscribe to the dedicated community where you can put all your ideas and solutions in the network. The best will be awarded a visit to Nuova Simonelli’s R&D center, where you can take an active part in a day of brainstorming.
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Easy cream technology

Easy cream technology

The foundation of preparing a perfect cappuccino is always the barista's technique and expertise. Easy Cream technology can help those who have not yet reached these high levels. The milk system flexibility offers great opportunities in relation to customer preferences: more or less creamy and with a defined temperature. And for the most demanding Aurelia II is also provided to the second programming button (on Aurelia II Digit and T3 versions only)


T3 technology

T3 technology was developed by Nuova Simonelli taking advantage of scientific research from universities, experience with the World Barista Championship and work with WBC Baristas. T3 technology sets new standards of reference in terms of precision, reliability and performance flexibility.


Tampering is an important stage in the preparation of a good cup of espresso, since it needs to guarantee the correct resistance to the passage of water.

The tamper is therefore an important tool for the professional barista and it needs to press the coffee powder down in a consistent, even manner.

Conical and Flat Grinders

Conical grinders and flat grinders work with distinctive operating principles and they meet different requirements:
Conical grinders are recommended for intensive, uninterrupted use of the coffee grinder. In this case, the grinders limit the problem of coffee overheating, also because they work at lower rotation speeds compared to flat grinders. For this reason and also in terms of the greater purchase costs, they are recommended for bars and premises where coffee consumption at peak times goes over a kilogram.


The Autosteam system allows even those without experience to prepare cappuccinos at the right temperature and with the correct dose of foam. The procedure is simple and immediate: just immerse the autosteam wand in a jug of milk and start the system with the relevant button. The machine will start to inject air and steam to create an excellent foam. Delivery stops automatically when the programmed temperature is reached, which preserves all of the natural sensory qualities of the milk.

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