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Nuova Simonelli machines are made for bars and therefore, the barista is the company’s natural partner. Collaboration on a wide scale with baristas from all over the world has allowed us to optimize our machines and also to create new ones, in line with the needs of those who work behind the counter, not only to provide coffee, but the espresso experience.


Get to know your machine
Get to know your machine...
Care for your Wellbeing
Aurelia is a peerless machine in many of its technical and style details...
The basic rules of the barista
Fundamental steps in the preparation of a good coffee...
The perfect espresso
The espresso system was in fact born of a need to obtain the coffee beverage...
Perfect cappuccinos

To prepare a tasty, fragrant cappuccino, the important thing is to start out with the right...

Machine maintenance

Every espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli is a gem when it comes to technology, but...