Helpful hints for Vienna 2012 competitors

Helpful Hints for Vienna 2012 competitors

Dear Barista Champion,
first of all would like to congratulate with your to being National Barista Champion and to share with us the thrill of the great competition that is ahead of us.
We are glad to inform you that in Vienna you can rely on our historical experience on espresso coffee technology and on a qualified team of Nuova Simonelli staff, which will attend you and will give you – as well as all other national champions - the best support to help you compete at your best.
You’ll be welcome at booth G16 during the World of Coffee exhibition, where you can get from our staff the answers to your questions on the machine and where you can share your experience with other National Baristas. In occasion of your visit we will give you visibility on our social media and on our web site.
It is a pleasure and a honour for Nuova Simonelli to manufacture Aurelia II T3, the new “WBC Official Espresso Machine” (2012-2014). We’re sure you’ll appreciate all benefits of the new “T3” technology which assures high level performances and high consistency at the same time.
On designing this machine we dedicated all our passion for coffee and attention to details, which is probably the same of your.
In order to help you also in the training phase you’ll find in the coming pages some helpful hints on the Aurelia machine.
For any further request please feel free to contact our technical staff at the following e-mail address: stefano.mogliani@nuovasimonelli.it lauro.fioretti@nuovasimonelli.it
We are looking forward to share this new marvellous experience with you and the barista community in Vienna.
Sincerily .