Aurelia II guidelines

Aurelia II Guidelines
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The Barista can open the steam wands in 2 ways:
a) Pushing (you can adjust manually the steam quantity)
b) Pulling (you have continuously maximum steam quantity)
The Aurelia II machine is equipped with the new T3 technology, a pro active control of temperature. The WBC mandates that all competition machines are set to 93.5°C (200°F) brewing temperature. To your information this temperature will be verified on each machine installed every morning with a Scace Device by a commission composed by WBC and Nuova Simonelli staff.
The Aurelia is equipped with an electric radiant cup warmer. It is activated by pressing the button next to the hot water. When ON, the cup warmer button will remain lit. Leaving the cup warmer ON should give the porcelain cups the perfect temperature. The Barista should monitor this function of the machine and be cognizant of the cup warmer being activated or not.
The WBC mandates that all competition machines are Semi-Automatic. During the brewing phase the button lights once a second. Purging – the Aurelia’s 4.5 Kg group head is temperature active-controlled and does not require excessive purging of the group head. We suggest a flash purge of 1-2 seconds in order to clean the showers and diffusers. Longer or shorter purge does not affect the brewing temperature.
The Aurelia II T3 version is equipped with the patented “cool-touch system”® which assure a greater safety against scalds and burns and also makes them easy to clean.
Their terminal has 4 holes of 1.5mm diameter.
The steam pressure is the one shown on the LCD display (see point 2).
The WBC Aurelia version is equipped with an economiser which allows to extract the hot water at stable temperature. Each time you push the button you get the pre-dosed hot water quantity.
The water pressure is settled at 9 bar (130 PSI) on each group. It is verified all days before the competition time with a “Scace 2” Device by a commission composed by WBC and Nuova Simonelli staff. The pressure indicated on the gauge has a different value, since it correspond at the pressure in the hydraulic system and not in the group head.
The WBC Aurelia machine is equipped with a leather handle – Teflon coated filter holder to grant to Barista the best comfort and also an easy cleanness.
All Aurelia II T3 will be equipped with NS branded ridge-less 20g calibrated VST baskets. Every basket is pre-scanned in order to accomplish the strict VST standard and to assure the maximum consistency on any extraction.
The new Aurelia II is equipped with the reverse brewing mirror, which allows to watch the group head and the coffee filter output without bending down. A little foresight that will be appreciated during the competition.
The Aurelia II T3 will be equipped with the Milk Light System, which lighting the inside of the milk jug allowing optimal sight of the foaming phase. The machines will be also equipped with the new work surface lighting system, which guaranteeing uniform light intensity over the entire surface.