WBC 12th Edition


BOGOTA' 2011

The 2011 World Barista Championship (June 2-5) will be taking place, for the first time, in a major coffee producing country, Colombia. The competition will be hosted by the Colombian Coffee Federation and Speciality Coffee Association of Colombia and held within the 4th Annual Expoespeciales Trade Show. Expoespeciales is traditionally a show with a strong emphasis on coffee production and differences from various regions and appelations where coffee is grown. The next show in June, 2011 will have a much larger floor plan with a focus from the entire spectrum of specialty coffee.

The Nuova Simonelli team is ready for a new challenge and will give maximum support to all the national champions competing in front of the WBC judges, as already confirmed by a promo video that is currently going crazy on all the major social networks. But the best support for baristas will be, as always, from the remarkable technical qualities of the "Aurelia Competition" with its thermal stability, high reliability and ergonomics, enabling them to get the performance "of champions".

As a special prize, the 2011 WBC champion will receive an Athena Lever coffee machine from the prestigious Victoria Arduino collection. The lever system, which recalls the ancient coffee tradition, has been rediscovered by baristas and is chosen by an increasingly number of professionals and coffee chains. This is also because it is used on training courses that Gwilym Davies, 2009 WBC champion, in collaboration with Nuova Simonelli, organizes around the world.