University Projects

Nuova Simonelli’s R and D division is constantly working on the study and experimentation of new solutions that can be translated into products with even better performance, reliability and easy use. For some years, we have been working actively with different university research departments to create specific projects that require skills of a certain level.

Here is a list of some of the projects that have been completed over the last few years.


Project: Analysis of the North American market Coordinator: Prof. Sestili Collaboration: Ohio University


Project: Research into the parameters of a mathematic model for steam and water percolation in a deformable porous means Coordinator: Prof. Misici Department: Mathematical
Project: Analysis of the thermal stability of a machine


Prof. Conti

Department: Physics
Project: Comparison of mathematical models for several physical phenomena concerning the extraction of espresso coffee Coordinator: Prof. Piergallini Department: Mathematical


Project: Heat transfer analysis for the hydraulic circuit of an espresso coffee machine Coordinatore: Prof. Rybicki Department: Mathematical Physics
Project: Simulation of a liquid perculation through model porous media: preliminary MD and DPD results Coordinator: Prof. Rybicki Department: Mathematical Physics


Project: Enhancement and composition of cappuccino made using superautomatic machines Coordinator: Prof. Frega Faculty: Food Science
Project: New product quality measurements Coordinator: Prof. Tomasetti Faculty: Engineering


Project: Sustainability Report Coordinator: Prof. Giusepponi Faculty: Communication Science
Project: Analysis and benchmarking of communication by Nuova Simonelli and its competitors Coordinator: Prof. Palumbo Faculty: Economics
Project: Study of the ergonomics of an espresso coffee machine Coordinator: Prof. Pierlorenzi European Institute: Psychology and Ergonomics