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To be a partner in the design and production of professional espresso machines. To build up a network of relationships based on trust, commitment and shared objectives. To offer a training and assistance service that will foster the growth of professionalism in the industry and therefore, disseminate the culture of coffee throughout the world.



We have based our identity on the emotions aroused by a great espresso. Experience, technology, innovation, and design are the means we use to convey this.



tradizione TRADITION: In our 74 years in the business, we have put the traditions of the good old-fashioned craftsman to good use, adding our passion for research. These are all factors that feature large in our company, making it a reliable partner for its customers.
innovazione INNOVATION: We are constantly investing and firmly committed to seeking out technological solutions that can translate into products with even higher performance levels, greater versatility and easier use, while considering the well-being of the user and also respect for the environment.
flessibilit FLEXIBILITY: We are committed to increasing flexibility, even of those things whose very nature makes them rigid. We are well aware that our customers, on the same level as athletes, are able to achieve their full potential if there is nothing to restrict their actions. With us, customers can feel free to express their talent.
soddisfazione SATISFACTION: Having big ideas to second guess our customers’ needs and satisfy their requirements. The offices at Nuova Simonelli are a continuous hive of activity, aimed at achieving customer satisfaction every day: from the issue of order to requests for solutions. And our greatest satisfaction? Second guessing your needs. In some cases, we already have.
responsabilitsociale RESPONSIBILITY: The more successful businesses are those whose customers trust them. With an eye to transparency, listening and dialogue, Nuova Simonelli maintains constant collaboration relations with its stakeholders. Business responsibility is developed through a group of choices and strategies which, in terms of a company and the legitimate expectations of its stakeholders, increase the value of a business. Respecting priority objectives and responsible management are key to our success.