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DOSE: The digital platform that builds value

Simonelli Group presents DOSE (Digital Online Service), the digital platform to support and share information with clients and partners. The goal is to connect markets and clients through advanced services that strengthen communication in order to improve performance, reduce response time, and overcome geographic discommodes – thanks to digital innovation. Through the platform, Simonelli Group’s […]

Appia in Wolfgang Puck’s home kitchen

In a recent interview published by The Wall Street Journal, chef Wolfgang Puck reveals his favorite kitchen accessories, including his Nuova Simonelli coffee machine. The tycoon of restaurants and executive producer of the new television docuseries “The Event” hosted on HBO Max, which documents the behind-the-scenes of Wolfgang Puck catering, confides which kitchen equipments he […]

How to choose spare parts for your machinery

Every single component of a coffee machine is accurately studied to perform a specific function and harmoniously interact with the rest of the device. Nuova Simonelli puts its most significant attention and dedication to the design and manufacturing of every original machine, along with the complete technical service and maintenance of the product. No one […]

How Water, Group, and Steam Temperature Can Improve Beverage Consistency

Consistency is critical. Without it, espresso quality will fluctuate, recipes will be hard to refine, and returning customers looking for another one of those “amazing coffees” they drank last time will end up leaving disappointed. Even small fluctuations in water, group head, and steaming temperatures can cause varying extraction yields and flavour profiles. Here’s why, […]

Technologies able to reduce environmental impact of a coffee machine.

The Nuova Simonelli path starting from the LCA calculation of environmental impact to the technologies able to reduce energy and waste. What is the environmental impact of an espresso coffee machine? And how do technologies of the espresso coffee machine reduce the ecological imprint? It has been seven years that Simonelli Group Engineering team, along […]

Tutorial. How to turn off and turn back on the coffee machine after the forced closure due to Covid-19 pandemic?

During this moment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many bars, restaurants, and coffee shop chains are forced to close their activities temporarily. The closure implicates some fundamental procedures to avoid wasting energy and correctly maintain the machines to guarantee a quick and optimal restarting once the businesses re-open. Below, Nuova Simonelli prepared a quick and […]

A year of Appia Life, new versions to respond to the different market requests

User-friendly with significant control. The Appia Life range guarantees coffee shops with average productivity, the possibility to choose from a wide selection of products in line with the various market’s needs. A year of Appia Life, the third generation Appia series of Nuova Simonelli achieves its first year on the market. Presented on the 12th […]

Video tutorial. How to clean an Aurelia Wave

A daily cleaning procedure maintains high-quality standards and ensures a long-lasting machine. How to assure the perfect functioning of the machine and its long-lasting endurance? Correct and constant maintenance keeps the device high performant and in optimal conditions able to guarantee its extraction quality during a longer time frame. Nuova Simonelli, with the assistance of […]