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Aurelia Wave UX. How lines and shapes make the shop unique

Interior design offers a pleasant experience for the client, not only in coffee shops but in any setting. A layout that follows its company’s values and analytical approach is fundamental to making everything work flawlessly in a shop, from a restaurant to a coffee chain and from a hotel bar to a roasting company. That […]

Nuova Simonelli presents Oscar Mood

Nuova Simonelli presents OSCAR Mood, the coffee machine that fits every place where wellbeing and the pleasure of coffee come together. Oscar Mood is the machine that is specially designed for all those who love to taste milk- and coffee-based drinks at home, in the office and everywhere you can enjoy coffee. The compact dimensions […]

ITS: the brand new technology by Aurelia Wave UX

Aurelia Wave UX incorporates new technology that offers maximum flexibility when preparing drinks: ITS, Independent Temperature Setting. ITS is the result of constant development work by Nuova Simonelli dedicated to extraction performance, improving  ease-of-use and energy saving even more. ITS enables control that is independent of the temperature of every group to obtain optimum handling […]

Nuova Simonelli presents Aurelia Wave UX

Nuova Simonelli presents Aurelia Wave UX, the coffee machine that’s built to suit the new needs of coffee (and non-coffee) shop chains for fluid workflow and optimum quality of drinks all day and every day. Bolstered by the experience of Aurelia, Nuova Simonelli has designed a coffee machine that’s even more flexible, with high productivity […]

DOSE: The digital platform that builds value

Simonelli Group presents DOSE (Digital Online Service), the digital platform to support and share information with clients and partners. The goal is to connect markets and clients through advanced services that strengthen communication in order to improve performance, reduce response time, and overcome geographic discommodes – thanks to digital innovation. Through the platform, Simonelli Group’s […]

Appia in Wolfgang Puck’s home kitchen

In a recent interview published by The Wall Street Journal, chef Wolfgang Puck reveals his favorite kitchen accessories, including his Nuova Simonelli coffee machine. The tycoon of restaurants and executive producer of the new television docuseries “The Event” hosted on HBO Max, which documents the behind-the-scenes of Wolfgang Puck catering, confides which kitchen equipments he […]

How to choose spare parts for your machinery

Every single component of a coffee machine is accurately studied to perform a specific function and harmoniously interact with the rest of the device. Nuova Simonelli puts its most significant attention and dedication to the design and manufacturing of every original machine, along with the complete technical service and maintenance of the product. No one […]