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Happy summer from Nuova Simonelli


summer-vacanze-holidaysNuova Simonelli italian offices will be closed for summer holidays from August 4th to August 22nd. Happy summer to all of you!



Nuova Simonelli and Coffee Kids in a new project of solidarity


coffee-kids-future-sustainability-instructionNuova Simonelli and Coffee Kids working together. In September a project of solidarity will improve access to education for children from coffee farming communities. All Nuova Simonelli customers will be the special stars as they will not be asked to contribute any money. Education is the foundation of a growing society and it brings greater cultural depth to those who tomorrow will be the stars of world.

It's hot? Refresh yourself with a cold extra creamy cappuccino


talento-milk-silk-cappuccinoCappuccino is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, but in summer and in hot countries, when temperatures are high, its consumption inevitably goes down. For this baristas from all over the world have created a number of cold drinks based on coffee and milk. In Canada, Australia and Chile, as in Germany, the United States of America, Thailand, Saudi Arabia or the Philippines, espresso and milk are used interchangeably to prepare typically refreshing drinks.

Nuova Simonelli, from all over the world to lay the 'foundation stone'.


pietra3Signatures: Chinese and Japanese, Canadian, French and American, South African, Russian and Filipino, British and Australian. In all, more than a hundred people from all continents signed the first stone for the new site enlarging the head offices of Nuova Simonelli in Fonte Moreto, Belforte del Chienti. The foundation stone ceremony took place during Simonelli & Friends, a meeting organized by the coffee machine manufacturer in Belforte del Chienti, for operators and customers from the 117 countries where Nuova Simonelli exports technology, design and Made in Italy culture. Among the autographs on the stone was Hidenori Izaki from Japan, the new world champion barista, who arrived in Belforte del Chienti curious to see with his own eyes how the equipment that have supports the title, is produced.

After WBC, a big party with the best technology.


simonelli-friends-groupThe World Barista Championship was held this year in Rimini and will be remembered for being the first to be won by an Asian champion. Nuova Simonelli, however, will remember it because the winner, Hidenori Izaki from Japan, as well as several other competitors were not content with using just the official coffee machine for the competition, the Aurelia II Competition with T3 technology, but wanted to ensure a superb performance with the latest generation grinder from Nuova Simonelli, the Mythos one has Clima Pro Technology. Izaki used two of these grinders. With his excellent knowledge of the coffee he chose for the competition and his perfect craftsmanship, he found a valuable ally in the Mythos One when climbing to the top of the podium.

WBC, Hidenori Izaki from Japan is the 2014 world champion barista


Hidenori-IzakiThe Japanese barista, Hidenori Izaki was crowned in Rimini (Italy) as 2014 World Barista Champion. The young Japanese has made a profession of his passion for fine coffees from Central America. He is an expert grader at Maruyama Coffee roasting, in Nagano, a Japanese city of about four hundred thousand inhabitants. Japanese National Champion for two consecutive years, Izaki won the World Championship at his second attempt, after his debut at the WBC last year in Melbourne. His victory in Rimini was greeted with enthusiasm not only in Japan but throughout Asia, being the first Asian to win the world title.

Nuova Simonelli pays homage to the WBC with a new short film


rootsThe 15th World Barista Championship started today and for the second time - after ten years - its taking place in Italy. Nuova Simonelli is the technical partner of the WBC and has decided to celebrate this event by honouring all the champion competitors and all visitors to the "World Barista Championship" with a very special short film. This new video has a script that goes beyond the usual standards of a commercial video. It was made into a cinematic offering with the help of Officine Mattoli and it involved professional actors. After the first screening in Rimini the short film will be visible on YouTube, but mostly it will take part in various film competitions, bringing the world of coffee into direct contact with big movie stars. Nuova Simonelli wants to dedicate this contribution to all baristas and players in the world of coffee.

The Aurelia II "doubles" in Japan...


streamer-2At one time the proverbial saying was that in America everything was bigger, from the roads to the houses, from cars to packaging on supermarket shelves. On the contrary, everything in Japan was smaller, from furniture to gardens. Now these terms of comparison seem destined to reverse, at least for espresso coffee machines. Yes, because in Japan a few days ago came the Nuova Simonelli longest espresso machine in the world.

In Rimini to discover the Aurelia II with "Easy Cream"


Easy-creamNuova Simonelli will be at the World of Coffee in Rimini, from 10 to 12 June with its own coffee machine, the Aurelia II Competition, supporting baristas in the competition for the World Championship. Also at their exhibition space in Hall A7C7, stand 064 Nuova Simonelli will welcome all international operators who want to learn about the latest technological innovations in the field of espresso. Among these is Easy Cream Technology that Nuova Simonelli has applied to the Aurelia II, the "machine of champions".

Aurelia Competition and its "champions" from Atlanta to Rimini....


WaitingForRiminiTo go from the Aurelia Competition to the Aurelia II Competition T3 is not only a technological evolution but has proved a real 'revolution' in determining new standards for delivering excellent espresso. This journey of innovation involves the recent history of the World Championship for baristas.

Join Simonelli & Friends


sf-1Tomorrow, on May 10, is the closing date to register for Simonelli & Friends, the post WBC event. On June 13 Nuova Simonelli is offering competitors, their teams and all the coffee professionals at Rimini the opportunity to continue to experience the atmosphere and emotions of every world championship.

We wait for you at Simonelli&Friends


Simonelli-FriendsJust a few days to submit your entry, and participate at Simonelli&Friends, the event post WBC dedicated to all competitors, their support teams and the operators in the industry who were at Rimini. The event, planned on June 13, is organized and hosted by Nuova Simonelli.

On June 13, Simonelli & Friends, post WBC event


SimonelliFriendslogoFor the second time in the history of the WBC this year's Championship will be held in Italy, in Rimini (9-12 June) not far from where the official coffee machine for the competition, the Aurelia II Competition, was designed and is produced. An incredible opportunity to get to know all the "secrets" of the machine of champions and to discover the commitment and passion that the manufacturer every day commits to the service of baristas all over the world who appreciate the results of studies and research carried out by the Nuova Simonelli team.

Eureka, a work of art in the cafes of the 1960s


eurekaThe design is not a matter of form, it is more an emotion that makes objects timeless. All Nuova Simonelli espresso machines are designed and built around an emotion that can be appreciated forever, beyond their technology.
The machines of past collections are an integral part of the history Made in Italy and are often remembered for what they have represented over the years. This is certainly the case for Eureka, a machine that since 1959 and for most of the '60s graced the decor of the best places. Now Eureka is remembered on the 90th birthday of its designer, Paolo Castelli.