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Eureka, a work of art in the cafes of the 1960s


eurekaThe design is not a matter of form, it is more an emotion that makes objects timeless. All Nuova Simonelli espresso machines are designed and built around an emotion that can be appreciated forever, beyond their technology.
The machines of past collections are an integral part of the history Made in Italy and are often remembered for what they have represented over the years. This is certainly the case for Eureka, a machine that since 1959 and for most of the '60s graced the decor of the best places. Now Eureka is remembered on the 90th birthday of its designer, Paolo Castelli.

Two Mythos for the French barista champion, Luca Casadei


Casadei 1He learned espresso culture in Italy, where he was born, but hispassion for coffee developed in France, where he has long worked as a trainer for a leading coffee roaster and where recently he became the coffee sector’s champion barista for the second year running. We’re talking about Luca Casadei who, from June 9 to 12will represent France in the World Cup for baristas in Rimini (Italy).
Luca Casadei, in 2013 you won the title as champion of France after a third and a second place in the two previous years. In 2014 what was your trump card?
The experience of the world championship in Australia (I got to the semi-finals) was crucial. It made me grow from a professional perspective and allowed me to gain the experience and confidence that I could then demonstrate during the national competition.

Nuova Simonelli Technology in Hamburg for Internorga and Barista Jam.


baristajamNuova Simonelli’s presence at Internorga 2014 (Hamburg Mess und Congress, Hamburg, March 14 to 19) is enriched this year with an event dedicated to a barista competition, "Barista Jam II". The competition, with sixteen competitors, will take place on Saturday, March 15th at 19.30 in Elbgold Kaffee - Sternschanze (free entry), one of the best places in Europe to enjoy a coffee with a choice of many varieties of Arabica coffee from the best growing areas of the world, all roasted on the spot.
The contestants will compete using an Aurelia II T3, the official WBC machine. The winner will compete with the Barista Jam 2012 champion and will win prizes donated by the sponsors. The event has been organized by Elbgold, Nuova Simonelli, Mahlkoenig and BWT. It is a unique opportunity for the many operators who come to Hamburg for Internorga 2014 and will also be a time for them to increase their knowledge of the wonderful world of coffee.

Nuova Simonelli working for environmental sustainability, comfort and quality.


sostenibilitOwning a Nuova Simonelli espresso machine does not just mean having technologically advanced equipment, it is also a testament to sustainable development. With a strong and continuing commitment to research and innovation, the company is constantly striving to improve the quality of products and processes, looking for environmental, economic and social improvements.
High quality and environmentally friendly materials, as well as energy saving technical solutions are features of the models in production which are marketed all over the world today. This same attention to environmental and social sustainability has been applied by Nuova Simonelli to its manufacturing facility. This has been designed with particular attention to ergonomics, for the comfort of those who work there, and also for significant energy savings, through the maximum use of natural energy and in particular solar energy.

Nuova Simonelli on all the major Social Networks


aurelia II 004bA study by Harvard University found that information through social networks travels five times faster than other media. The system of social networks has accelerated the phenomenon of globalization. Nuova Simonelli daily interacts with operators, customers, installers, maintainers, roasters, experts and fans of the world of coffee scattered in 115 countries on all continents. Now it has expanded its presence to all the most popular platforms.
After Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the Italian manufacturer of professional coffee machines that are exported all over the world, has opened accounts on Google Plus, LinkedIn and Flickr. This is to be open to the greatest number of followers and to be closer to all its stakeholders, responding to the immediacy of today. The phenomenal spread of Smartphones, iPhones, iPads and other Tablets allows a massive number of people to use social networks quickly, free of charge and, above all, in an interactive manner. Nuova Simonelli likes to communicate with all its stakeholders and this communication cannot be a one-way street. Thanks to social media you can share thoughts, ideas and discussions, photos and videos.

Nuova Simonelli at all major international trade fairs


NUOVA SIMONELLI WORLD TOURTo get the latest news around the world in 2014, to present their innovative products and to link up with a widespread sales network across all continents, throughout the year Nuova Simonelli will be at major Horeca and coffee international trade fairs. A Nuova Simonelli stand with all its new technologically advanced products is awaits operators and experts in the world of espresso at twenty-six different exhibitions in the international calendar. They open in January with Sigep in Rimini (Italy), the traditional Italian Show, where from 18-22 Nuova Simonelli was both an exhibitor and a technical partner of the Italian barista Championship, and with Horeca Kuwait City (January 27 to 29).
In a few days, from 8 to 10 February, the espresso machines from Nuova Simonelli will be presented with all the most advanced technologies and precise design at Horeca Athens and then at the end of the month (February 23 to 27) at Gulfood in Dubai, the most important trade fair in the Middle East.

At the 2014 WBC, Italy will be represented by Giacomo Vannelli


giacomo vannelliThe World Barista Championship has returned in 2014, after ten years of absence, to be contested in Italy and for the first time in Rimini. It already has one of its top competitors, representing the participating nation. Giacomo Vannelli a 23 year old Tuscan barista will represent Italy, having won the Italian barista championship in Rimini, during Sigep. He had already tried to win the title last year, but was fourth. "In this last year - he said - I've been working steadily with the Aurelia II Competition [the official coffee machine for the WBC] that I purchased personally, to always have it at my disposal to prepare for this Italian championship and now will help me to give the best pf myself in the world championship next June”.
What is it like working with the Aurelia II?
Very good, the results in the cup during tests, such as this competition, have been constant. It is an extremely reliable machine with a very high level of technology..

Again at Sigep, Nuova Simonelli stands beside coffee professionals

sigep-nuova simonelliFrom January 18 to 22, Nuova Simonelli will be at SIGEP Rimini (Italy). This will be a time of closely looking after the needs of baristas, roasters, coffee shop chains, restaurants and hotels. It will also include technical support to participants in the Italian Championship for coffee shop baristas to be held at the same exhibition. The competition will nominate the representative for Italy at the 2014 World Championships for baristas and will feature the Aurelia Competizione - T3, the espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli that has been elected as the official coffee machine for the WBC.
Hall A1 - Stand 001 – at the trade fair, Nuova Simonelli will be there with a full range of products for bars, restaurants and hotels. In particular, operators can get to know, up close, the new 2014 products already presented by Nuova Simonelli at the recent edition of HOST. This includes traditional machines (Aurelia II T3, Aurelia II Digit Easy Cream and Appia II in various versions) and super machines (Talento Special and Prontobar) as well as "On Demand" coffee grinders (Mythos One and MDX). These are all highly professional new generation equipment, with the most advanced technology to give superb satisfaction to baristas and also to their clients.

Nuova Simonelli is nominated by Databank as a Company to Watch 2013.


nando ottaviNuova Simonelli, as a leading manufacturer of professional espresso coffee machines, has received the "Company to Watch 2013" prize. Recognition was awarded by Databank for being the best company in its sector and its strong performance in recent years, especially in terms of increased sales and exports.
A plaque was given to the President of Nuova Simonelli, Nando Ottavi, by Marco Crescenzi, manager of Cerved Group – Databank and a certificate issued listing the success factors that led to the award. In particular strong international focus, high predisposition to technological innovation, machine reliability and product design, an extensive national and foreign service network, commitment to staff training and the dissemination coffee culture orientated to individuals, form the basis for its business model.

At the Winter Olympics in Sochi the espresso is made by Nuova Simonelli


aurelia-rossaNuova Simonelli has been chosen to supply professional espresso coffee machines throughout the "Sochi 2014" Olympic Winter Games resort and numerous places across the Russian region of Krasnodar.
These will be both traditional and superautomatic machines for the Olympic venues, both places that host athletes, journalists and staff, as well as those accessible to the public, such as eateries. In addition to locations at the XXII Olympic Winter Games, scheduled for February 7 to 23, 2014, Nuova Simonelli espresso machines are being installed in the "coffee corners" of a local chain that is particularly widespread across the whole Krasnodar region on the Black Sea, including the city of Sochi. Ahead of the Games this local chain, which is an Olympic sponsor, is redesigning all its premises which includes the installation of Nuova Simonelli coffee machines.

HOST success for the Nuova Simonelli new products and advanced technologies

Villaggio Tecnologico Nuova Simonelli

"The shortest way to reach the East is the Appia." With this line, where the name Appia does not refer to the famous consular road of the Roman Empire, but the eponymous espresso machine produced by Nuova Simonelli, the President and CEO of the Italian company, Nando Ottavi, took a snapshot of the positive result of the company's presence at HOST, the international hospitality industry event that has just taken place at the exhibition center of Milan - Rho.
Over the five days of the event, the "Technology Village", the new exhibition concept introduced by Nuova Simonelli this year, was visited by thousands of people from all over the world. These included several hundred operators and buyers. Among them many Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Russian and Middle Easterners. All were particularly interested in the five innovative technologies presented by Nuova Simonelli in different corners of the Village, as well as in the machines and new generation coffee grinders that the Italian company is looking to introduce in 2014.

Nuova Simonelli Technology Village: the future of espresso, today.

 Technology Village Nuova Simonelli

There is only one way to get to know the future of the world of espresso. From October 18 to 22 visit the Nuova Simonelli Technology Village at HOST in Fieramilano - Rho (Hall 11 - C40/C48). In addition to next-generation products, visitors will discover the most innovative technologies that the company, which is the official sponsor of the World Barista Championship (WBC) in 2014, has patented or produced for the pleasure of sharing with espresso professionals.
Nuova Simonelli's proposed new concept of exhibiting is specifically based on the latest technology. Designers, technicians and baristas from around the world will illustrate the details of the various technologies in an highly educational way that is divided into five themes. One is to understand the potential for innovative Gravimetric Technology, another the developments of Milk Silk Technology, two others reveal new applications of Easy Cream Technology and advances in dosing with Clima Pro Technology. Finally, one is dedicated to the continued evolution of T3 technology, which has already been successfully used at World Barista Championship competitions in the Aurelia II coffee machine, which is much appreciated by the best baristas in the world.

Nuova Simonelli Technology Village: 5, discovering "Gravimetric Technology"

Gravimetric Technology 

There are five innovative technologies that will write the future of the world of coffee. These will be presented by Nuova Simonelli at the upcoming edition of HOST (Fieramilano Rho - 18-22 October 2013). At the "Technology Village" the company, which is the official sponsor of the World Championships for baristas 2009-2014, will establish a new concept for exhibitions in Hall 11 (C40/C48). Not only from the purely technical aspect but also practical application will be on show for many newly conceived coffee machines and grinders.
In addition to T3 Technology, Milk Silk Technology, Easy Cream Technology and Clima Pro Technology will be an absolute novelty in the field of professional coffee machines, Gravimetric Technology. This technology was developed by the Nuova Simonelli team after several years of research. With it the barista has absolute control of the output parameters. After stabilising extraction time and the exact dose of coffee with other technologies, Gravimetric attains the goal of an exact amount of coffee extracted. So with three parameters (time, dose and quantity in the cup) certain to be in an optimal range, the barista can be sure that the delivery is made perfectly and the quality of the espresso is guaranteed.

2014 Q and Roasting classes







We announce that the Q / Roasting classes scheduled for week 44 and 45 are postponed to 2014 as there are several other events taking place at the same time. For those that still have an interest to take the Q and benefit from Nuova Simonelli scholarship feel free to submit your Coffee Curriculum to ufficiostampa@nuovasimonelli.it We will consider Coffee Curricula's received for the October Q elegible for scholarship in 2014. The cupping classes originally scheduled for October 23 and 24th are still confirmed and we will welcome anyone wants to attend them.