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Nuova Simonelli is closely following the national championships WBC that are followed in these months before the World Barista Championship to be held in June in Colombia. all national barista champions from all over the world will fly to Bogotá to win the coveted title of World Barista Champion 2011, won last year by Michael Phillips.
Meanwhile the players are emerging in the next edition of the WBC. Stefanos Domatiotis was reconfirmed Barista Champion of Greece. The young barista has won the prestigious title in 2011 Hellenic Barista Championships which was held at Expo Athens February 3 to 6. The annual event, organized by SCAE Greece, has seen the best baristas from around the country compete for the title. The top end of Hellenic Barista Champion: Stefanos Domatiotis 1, 2 Gilatsos Yannis; 3Kondorinis George, 4 Foukis Alexandros; 5 Sideris Kostas, 6Nikos Doukakis.
But there are still many national championships prior to the WBC of Bogota. Only in the month of February are scheduled: Turkish National Barista Championship from 16 February  to 19 February, El Salvadorean National Barista Championship from 17 February to 19 February, Thailand National Barista Championship from February 17 to 20February and Nicaraguan National Barista Championship from 24 February to 27 February.
Nuova Simonelli with Aurelia Competitione, the espresso coffee machine, technical sponsor of the 2009-2011 World Barista Championship, supports and promotes the the culture of coffee in the world. Technology, innovation and quality Nuova Simonelli are the key factors to enhance the professionalism of the best baristas in the world.