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It was the only workshop in Europe and concluded Thursday, February 10 at Nuova Simonelli. The WBC Judges Certification. 25 aspirant judges from around the world sought the coveted World Barista Championship Judges Certificate. The WBC Judges Certification Committee evaluated the evidence with precision and care. Also participating in the coffee workshop were "world stars", it was run by the 2010 WBC World Champion, the American Michael Phillips, the 2008 WBC World Champion Stephen Morrissey, Fritz Storm 2002 world champion barista and barista Tim William.
Their task was to prepare coffee-based beverages as chosen by the judges and the baristas, and present them in a simulated championship for the aspiring judges to taste test.  With great commitment and discretion the Nuova Simonelli team looked after all phases of the workshop, in a location created specially for the WBC selection.
Three distinct areas of work in relation to the different roles and skills were identified: Room 1, the Traning Room dedicated solely to the WBC where aspiring judges made several taste tests and their relative technical evaluation.
Room 2 was set up with three Aurelia Competition 2010 espresso machines, where the sample baristas worked with great professionalism.
Room 3 was reserved for the organizing team and the drinks selection for aspiring judges. All this in a rigorously controlled environment. The 25 workshop participants showed maximum concentration and a high degree of preparation.
When the tests and sensory techniques were announced 15 new judges were certified. Nine WBC Sensory Judges: Victor Agosti, Alessandro Morrice, Elisabet Sereno, Gloria Pedroza, Johan Damgaard, Jon Willassen, Lani Snyman, Michael McCauley, Tasos Delchristos. And six WBC Technical Judges: Enrico Wurm, George Bertolis, Pierre-Marc Dietrich, Nora Smahelova, Serif Basaran, Sonja Bjork Grant.
A number of them will be members of the jury to declare the world champions at the 2011 World Barista Championship to be held next June in Bogotá, Colombia and then for 2012 in Vienna. Great coffee once again meets the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Competition, the official coffee machine sponsor, to win the prestigious title of world champion barista 2011, won last year by the American Michael Phillips.