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15 years ago he set foot in the world of coffee and has not left it since. He was proclaimed  French barista champions of 2011 in Lyon. His name is Ludovic Loizon and he is the winner of the fourth national barista competition held on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 January, at the Sirha fair. He will represent France at the World Barista Championship to be held next June in Bogota, Colombia. Ludovic Loizon is a great professional and an expert in the world of coffee: For over five years he has organised training and participated in competitions, where he always finished among the top positions, including his win in Lyon. During his month of preparation for France Barista Championship, Loizon even managed to find time to open a barista training school, the BBF.
"Tired, but very happy and satisfied” the winner declared “now I will work on representing France to the best of my ability in the ranking of the 2011 World Barista Championship and most of all I will work to spread the coffee culture in my country. Thinking of Bogota I will start training right away with the Aurelia Competition coffee machine which, during this competition allowed me to work very well, especially letting me get a really good extraction and excellent milk frothing.
Ludovic Loizon had to display all his skills to scale the leaderboard and win the title of national barista champion. The competition was very high level, where the best baristas in France faced each other to reach the coveted goal. Aspirants prepared 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 original espresso-based cocktails. They had 15 minutes of presentation to demonstrate their knowledge and their ability to use the espresso machine, which was again the Nuova Simonelli AURELIA, as well as the grinder and also their choice of coffee. To evaluate this a committee of expert international judges were asked to verify and examine the various performances, subject to very strict standards. All this in view of the WBC 2011 - World Barista Championship to be held next June in Colombia, Bogota, where the best from the coffee world will once again meet the Aurelia Competition coffee machine, from Nuova Simonelli, and look to win the prestigious title of World Barista Champion, which was won last year by the American Michael Phillips.