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This year we provide the welcome at Sigep 2017, with a stand in the entrance to Hall Sud of the Rimini trade fair, where we will be waiting with new espresso coffee solutions to help improve your business. Innovation, passion and expertise are the drivers for our mission to provide technical solutions and service to ensure the coffee industry reaches ever higher quality standards.

This is the Aurelia II T3, the official coffee machine sponsor for the World Barista Championship 2012-2014. Aurelia II T3 is dedicated to the most demanding baristas because it guarantees even more advanced performance in terms of accuracy, extract quality, flexibility and result consistency. The T3 system sets new standards of thermal accuracy for the delivery of water. The barista has maximum control over setting the temperature in each individual group, through three different parameters (water, group, steam). Aurelia II provides a control over dispensing temperature of unmatched accuracy, regardless of the amount of work or the environmental condition. The TFT graphic display gives real time control over the temperature of each dispensing group. Aurelia II T3 is particularly suitable for demanding professionals, specialty stores, for locales with high quality performance and for those who want to stand out for high quality coffee.


In addition to coffee and caffè latte there is now chocolate and all beverages from water-soluble products. The Talento is now enriched with a new feature that can expand an already extensive drinks menu. This new module for instant products like chocolate means hotels and coffee shops can offer additional service and quality to their customers. It is really simple to use: just press a button and Talento begins serving the chosen beverage. The new module has two different dispensers for two soluble drinks. In addition to the soluble module, Talento has other important news: a touch panel and new TFT display larger than its predecessor, making it even easier to see and simplifying management of the drinks menu.


New technology, new design, new components. Microbar II is a compact next-generation super-automatic machine designed for restaurants, coffee corners and offices that do not want to give up the pleasure of good quality coffee even though volumes are limited. Microbar II has a new distribution group, with redesigned mechanics, but still in metal with electronic temperature compensation to ensure high quality servings for a long time. The machine is even more consistent and silent thanks to new internal components that allow Microbar II to offer particularly high-quality coffee and cappuccino, and to a quieter grinder with reduced noise emissions.


32 cm: the right space for the kitchen or a coffee corner in the office. In addition to being compact the Oscar II has won over coffee lovers around the world. This is due to professional components allowing it to respond to the needs of making a lot of steam for preparing milk, which can then make creamy and fragrant cappuccino and to a temperature compensated dispenser group which ensures consistent coffee. Made of steel, Oscar II is extremely easy to clean and it fits in well in multiple environments.

A specific surface treatment using nanotechnology can change the characteristics of stainless steel. This significantly reduces milk deposits and makes cleaning even easier. Since 2015 Nuova Simonelli choosed to install in its coffee machine this solution: a steam wand and a fIlter holder manufactured using nanotechnology to make them much more hygienic. This specific treatment prevents the formation of milk and coffee deposits and means they are extremely easy to clean. An hygienic and ergonomic device that Nuova Simonelli has researched and designed to reduce the work of baristas and operators around the world while they offer excellent drinks.