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Happy Birthday Espresso ideas!



Espresso Ideas, the magazine started in 2006 by Nuova Simonelli, celebrates its first decade and has been renovated for the occasion. In a few days we will be distributing the new edition with several innovations. We don’t want to anticipate anything but let you discover the pleasure of flipping through a hundred pages. We can only tell you that the main enhancements are with the graphics, not the size, style and content, the elements that have made the magazine so successful over the past ten years.

The Espresso Ideas mission continues with ever greater commitment. Born to appeal to different audiences, all united by values expressed in coffee culture, the magazine is more than a spokesman of the company, its projects and its brands. It is and will continue to be a witness to new technology and design, as well as changes in customs, a discovery of every aspect of good living and good taste.

Espresso Ideas will continue to be distributed for free. Those who have already received it in the past will automatically receive the new number. However, anyone who doesn’t yet know the magazine and would like to receive it, please stay tuned!!!