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Barista Connect. A female perspective on coffee


testata barista connect enIt’s sold-out. More than 60 women will take part at Barista Connect (Square Miles Coffee Roasters - London, September 9-11), the event dedicated to improving equality by empowering and inspiring women from various roles within the international coffee community.
“We create an opportunity to do this through our annual event – said Sonja Zweick, Barista Connect founder - which brings together women from around the world to exchange knowledge, experiences and build long lasting professional networks.” Supported by Nuova Simonelli, the event provides a unique environment to participate in guest lectures, sensory and skills training and open discussions. Along with this two day event attendees also have the rewarding opportunity to experience and explore a city while engaging with its local coffee community. “We’re sure female perspective can give a great contribution to coffee industry growth – said Maurizio Giuli, Nuova Simonelli Marketing Director – for that reason we decided to support Barista Connect. This is a great opportunity for our industry”.
“For the London event we will be discussing topics related to current trends and innovative ideas. This provides an opportunity for our attendees to be at the forefront of what is happening in the coffee industry and up to date. And we have arranged some of the coffee industry’s most respected and inspiring women to share their knowledge and experience” said Sonja.
Here some program’s themes:
  • Competition & Sourcing competition coffee with Anne Lunell 
  • Why we haven’t seen a women win the WBC with Cerianne Bury
  • SCAE Education Program with AnneMarie Tiemes
  • Farm Level In Central America with Marta Dalton
  • Coffee Roasting with Talor Browne
  • Defects in coffee with Anette Moldvaer
  • Inside The New Flavour Wheel with Ida Steen
  • Judge competition with Sonja Grant
  • Gender Equality Within Our Industry with Cerianne Bury and Sonja Zweidick
During this two day event women will have the opportunity to take part at different workshop about cupping, social media and competition.