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About the International Hub fo Coffee Research and Innovation


CHIMICAThis research centre in the field of coffee, from production to consumption, is unique not only in Italy, but it will have an international perspective to become a point of excellence for coffee knowledge and know-how. It is the fruit of two italian organisations working together, from the academic world and manufacturing. The University of Camerino, one of the oldest in Europe that conducts important scientific research and Simonelli Group, a company with years of strong growth and a global leader in the production of professional coffee machines that are extremely innovative with the highest level of technology and are exported to 120 countries.


Unicam and Simonelli Group can boast of their numerous collaborations, which in the past have helped to develop several successful projects. Giving life to this centre, they bring together their potential, in synergy, to the service of cultural and scientific-technical growth for the entire world's coffee supply chain. The International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation is especially a magnet for research and studies in other International subjects, both in the academic world and in the coffee machine sector.


The International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation operates through:

  • Steering Committee, directing research
  • Scientific Committee, the executive arm for recommendations put forward by the Steering Committee, it will ensure coordination and monitor the research.
  • Scientific team, with researchers and international experts with specific experience in the research subject. Supported by graduate students, they will drive the research.
  • Operating Committee, organising educational and outreach activities.


International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation activities all revolve around the concepts of 'research', 'knowledge', 'experience', 'authority', and 'innovation'. 


Research activities
L’ The International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation is responsible for implementing specific research activities through its internal structure, supported by collaboration with international research centres. To this end, the Scientific Committee will look for international collaboration with centres that boast the best knowledge and skills in the specific subject to establish scientific teams with expertise.



  • Courses or masters. Courses or masters transfer knowledge and enhance the results of research.
  • Call for papers. The Scientific Committee is also entrusted with monitoring international research (already executed or ongoing) relevant to the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation. Through 'Calls for papers' its evaluation criterion will be based on the amount of innovation and the potential impact on the coffee chain. Authors will be asked to present at special scientific events, then their work will be published.


Popular science activities
A travelling conference open to the worlds of coffee and science is expected, where existing research and research from the call for papers will be presented. International experts will be invited, to increase interest from people in the coffee world. The first event is scheduled for autumn next year at a location to be decided. Dissemination is also expected through publications, both scientific (conference proceedings, journals) and general (industry magazines, a blog and a dedicated website), as well as participation in conferences and / or international events focused on the dissemination of knowledge.


The International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation is open to other partners, from the scientific world and business, who are interested in sharing goals and research, or to make new acquaintances and experiences in the various parts of the coffee production chain, in particular for selecting blends and for roasting.


Simonelli Group is overseeing the creation of a dedicated structure complete with laboratory, which will act as a 'branch' of the University of Camerino for the project. It will be equipped with appropriate equipment and will be the operational headquarters for all the staff, researchers and graduate students, so they can carry out their activities in university laboratories and in the company.


The International Coffee Hub for Research and Innovation is co-financed by Unicam and Simonelli Group, which is allocating a significant share of its annual research resources to this project, and partly by regional, national and European research funds.